ExhibitView Tutorials

ExhibitView™ Tutorials – First Look at ExhibitView™ 5

ExhibitView™ 5

Take a tour of ExhibitView™ 5 “A First Look” for an overview of the ExhibitView™ 5 Interface and how easy and intuitive the interface is to navigate.

ExhibitView™ 5 Basics

Presentation Area

Duration: 3:14

Watch how to manage ExhibitView™ 5’s presentation area, including how to display items side-by-side to your audience
Using Tabs

Duration: 2:19

Learn how to work seamlessly between the tabs in ExhibitView™ 5
Using Projectors

Duration: 1:51

See how easy it is to control what the jury sees

Duration: 4:12

Learn how to zoom in and add annotations live during your presentation using ExhibitView™ 5’s highlighter and drawing tools
Clear Screen

Duration: 1:33

Learn how to quickly clear the ExhibitView™ 5 screen of documents, images, etc., and how to recall them with one keystroke
Clear Mark-Ups

Duration: 1:44

Discover how to clear your annotations and recall them on demand
Web Viewer

Duration: 2:44

Discover how to integrate live web content into your presentations
Alias Names

Duration: 2:11

Learn how to use aliases to give meaningful names to evidence in ExhibitView™ 5
Bookmarking Audio
and Video

Duration: 2:20

Learn how to bookmark specific sections of an audio or video clip to play back only what you deem relevant for your case

Managing Projects and Preferences


Duration: 2:39

Learn how to set personal preferences in ExhibitView™ 5
Saving and Sharing
on Projects

Duration: 2:41

How to save and share projects with everybody in your office
Copying a Project

Duration: 2:09

See how easy it is to copy an ExhibitView™ 5 project to other computers

Duration: 1:17

Creating handouts from ExhibitView™ 5 slides
Printing from
the Presentation

Duration: 1:30

Learn how to print documents stored in ExhibitView™ 5, including evidence that has been marked up, redacted, or highlighted using ExhibitView™ 5 tools
Printing from
the Tabs Area

Duration: 1:43

Learn how to print one item or an index of items in the tab area

Courtroom Setup

Duration: 1:54

What do you need for the courtroom? What is the typical setup? Whatch this tutorial for real world experience and guidance.

Advanced Plug-In App’s

Using the
SynchPro Plug-In

Duration: 4:46

Learn how to play and manipulate synchronized video depositions in ExhibitView™ 5

TranscriptPro™ 2 Basics

TranscriptPro™ 2 First Look

Duration: 7:20

Take a tour of TranscriptPro™ 2 "A First Look" for an overview of the TranscriptPro™ 2 Interface and how easy and intuitive the interface is to navigate.

Duration: 7:30

Learn how to play and manipulate synchronized video depositions using TranscriptPro™ 2