What Makes ExhibitView Different From All the Rest

Driving ExhibitView is the Desire to Solve Long-standing Challenges for Legal Presentation

Challenge #1: You want to increase your use of technology. 95% of cases never see a courtroom. However, most attorneys do need to make presentations.

ExhibitView helps lawyers meet the demand for modern presentation by being a complete user friendly, PDF driven, legal focused software tool for every law firm for every presentation.

Challenge #2: The average juror pays attention just 20 minutes in a typical 8-hour day.

This creates a huge challenge for any lawyer trying to convince a jury to side with their client. “Touching” a jury with evidence that uses a variety of human sensors (e.g. sight, sound, touch) keeps them focused, thereby improving their rate of retention and comprehension.

ExhibitView helps lawyers reach judge, jurors, and mediators through a combination of electronic documents:

  • Pictures
  • Video Depositions
  • Audio Recordings
  • Web-Based Evidence

… and more, engaging them and leading them through the undisputable facts without technical distractions.

Challenge #3: Only one-third (34%) of the lawyers who take laptops to the courtroom say they use them to present evidence.

What’s stopping more lawyers from using their laptops for courtroom litigation? One major hurdle has been the level of technical expertise required to operate the case presentation software.

The #1 complaint with other presentation softwares is that the sheer number of features over-complicates the product — features which the average lawyer will never use. And because other products are so difficult to use, lawyers either abandon all attempts to use the product or they hire a media consultant to assist them in court.

ExhibitView is different. While its power is impressive, what customers say is most remarkable is ExhibitView’s simplicity and ease of use… exactly what the ExhibitiView leaders were aiming for when they started.

These challenges are solved with one powerful presentation platform and it’s intuitive interface.

Take a moment now to see for yourself why ExhibitView presentation software is better than all the rest:

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