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  • ExhibitView used In Jury Award of $3M

    A Fulton County jury awarded more than $3 million to a man who was beaten into unconsciousness by a Family Dollar cashier who wrongly suspected him of shoplifting.

    The verdict includes $215,000 in attorney fees and more than $2.3 million in punitive damages against Family Dollar and its former employee, who was fired following the incident.

    Lead plaintiffs attorney Thomas “Woody” Sampson II used ExhibitView to present exhibits, video depositions and images. Video edits during the trial for expert witness testimony was done on the fly during jury breaks.

    ExhibitView was also used to call out specific instances during direct using previously

  • Trial Success Attributed To ExhibitViewâ„¢ 5

    Below find a wonderful email to me, Bill Roach, from Attorney Michael Burman from Hopkinsville, KY on March 3, 2015


    I want to share with you a recent trial success I attribute to Exhibit View. I have been using Exhibit View in mediation to gain proficiency, and so, when I go to trial, I am confident with Exhibit View. I recently tried a contentious dispute regarding insurance benefits. The evidence was highly technical and difficult to comprehend by a lay jury. Opposing counsel presented a “slick” PowerPoint during opening and closing. It was one of the better PowerPoint presentations I

  • Kentucky Attorney Wins With ExhibitView, Really!

    Michael Burman, Esq. of Kentucky just called me. I wanted to share his excitement before he actually sends me a testimonial. You see, he took advantage of a few small features in ExhibitView and it was mind blowing to me.

    First, in closing, the other side made claims about “Why didn’t you hear from this witness? Why didn’t they call him?” Well, Mr. Burman had ExhibitView out and was creating slides of medical records from the Doc who they said did not testify. However, he used a cool new feature called “snap” to create a callout with highlights as an

  • Microsoft SurfacePro 3 Review Teaser

    Our test team here at ExhibitView Solutions, LLC just finished our initial round of testing with the all new Microsoft SurfacePro 3 and ExhibitView 5 trial presentation software. A few impressive features are the battery life, the illuminated keyboard and the sturdy kickstand. The most impressive feature has to be the wireless display adapter from Microsoft. It costs an extra $50.00 and will broadcast your extended monitor via Bluetooth. You will not need a strong internet connection to use this powerhouse in court. That itself is impressive!

    Our first thoughts are: “Wow” and “Fantastic”.

    We will be posting a