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    ExhibitView™ PC is trial presentation software that helps attorneys, paralegals and support staff organize & present exhibits...


    TranscriptPro™ is transcript management software that helps attorneys, paralegals and support staff manage, review & work with ascii, PDF, and Video Synchronized deposition transcripts...


    Organize, annotate, and present easily with ExhibitView™ Ipad with its ntuitive features, easy file management...


    PDF+™ features Batch Renaming, Exhibit Stickers, & more...


ExhibitView Products for Courtroom and Office

ExhibitView for PC Trial Presentation Software

ExhibitView™ PC for Courtroom

ExhibitView™ 5.0 PC is a rich multi-media courtroom trial presentation software that helps attorneys quickly organize & present multiple forms of exhibits. Review, share, collaborate, & visualize your case early and present in & out of court.

Features? ExhibitView’s built in “SlideMaker” is easier than PowerPoint and designed for the legal profession with full PDF support and more. Organize documents in “Hot Docs” folders and/or witness folders. ExhibitView’s flexible “drag & drop” technology allows for presenting exhibits quickly. Present full screen or side by side dynamically. Mark up “live” with highlighting, pen tools & call-out zoom. Work with transcripts, synchronized video depositions and much more.

Price is $498.00* for a SUL (Single User License) 2 activations. Price includes 1 year of 24/7 support, online training (live) and updates and upgrades. * An ExhibitView™ 5 purchase also comes with a complimentary copy of PDF+

In the Office, In the Courtroom, One Solution!

ExhibitView Transcript Pro Transcript Management Software


TranscriptPro™ 2 is transcript management software for PC that now supports PDF, ASCII, and Video Synchronized transcripts. TranscriptPro allows an attorney, paralegal and support staff to completely manage cases, transcripts, with tools to summarize and review, edit, export, bookmark, word search and copy and further work with deposition transcripts in many useful ways. Prepare for the courtroom before you get there.

1. Organize. You can set up a case(s) and add transcripts both video and non-video as litigation progresses.

2. Search. You can use our advanced search functionality to find words or phrases and they are automatically saved in our search tab. You may export these search results to a CSV file and import into other case management software.

3. Video Editing. You can now easily edit video depositions to create individual clips for use in ExhibitView™ 5, iPad or PowerPoint. You can also export a series of “clips” as a complete edited video.

4. ISSUES. Easily set up issues and use them as “bookmarks” to identify important testimony. You can then export a list of all your Bookmarks/Issues for further review.

5. COPY & PASTE. You can select any Q&A in a open transcript, video or non-video, and right click to copy that text and paste it outside of TranscriptPro. Examples might be copying to a Word document for a deposition outline; slides for an opening statement or mediation, etc.

Price is $249.00 for a SUL (Single User License) 1 activation. Price includes 1 year of 24/7 support, online training (live) and updates and upgrades.

ExhibitView Trial Presentation Software for iPad

ExhibitView™ iPad for Courtroom

 ExhibitView™5 iPad is winning in court every day!

Now you can organize, annotate, and present with ease using our cutting edge Ipad App. Intuitive features, easy file management, and unlimited email and phone support ensure your success with ExhibitView™ 5 iPad!

  • Retina Graphics for iPad 3 & above
  • More attractive callout
  • Maximized document viewing area (larger than any other app available)
  • More Printing Options
  • Import files via iTunes
  • Free Drawing Made Smoother
  • Add items directly to project sub-folders
  • Print Index Improved
  • Implemented Apple Security API
  • Add & Edit Notes In Projects
  • More Responsive Zoom
  • Sharper Resolution on Documents Zoomed
  • 1.5 Zooming With Double Tap

ExhibitView™ iPad integrated with our PC brand!

  • Courtroom presentation/Witness slider to safely hide your exhibit library and share your iPad for comment.
  • Hearings. Load exhibits quickly and head out the door.
  • Mediation/Arbitration. Prepare for trial with amazing Mediations. Tease opposing counsel with how you plan to educate the jury, thoroughly and effectively and they will know you’re serious.
  • Courtroom/Trial. Engage, educate and make a connection with the jury. ExhibitView™ is an amazingly powerful tool that helps to enhance the visual aspects of your clients story.

Reviews & Quotes

  • “If you are looking for an easy to use, powerful presentation tool for courtroom trial presentations, or even in the conference room or boardroom, ExhibitView for the iPad is a very impressive solution. “
  • “I have been using PC ExhibitView since last fall. I just downloaded ExhibitView for Ipad. Great app”

ExhibitView PDF+


ExhibitView Solutions, LLC is now offering PDF+ with features such as Batch Renaming, Exhibit Stickers, Bar Codes, Bates Numbering, Search & Redact.

PDF+ offers a very intuitive interface allowing a very minimal learning curve. With every purchase you can set up a free live webinar for training.

PDF+ is also packaged with ExhibitView™at no extra charge.

Reviews & Quotes

“Regarding feedback about PDF+, let me put it this way: Adobe Acrobat Pro just became obsolete. Everything I did using Adobe can now be done using PDF+, and PDF+ is so much easier to use!” -Christopher T. Van Marter, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney