PDF+ Acrobat Alternative Officially Released

ExhibitView Solutions, LLC is excited to announce the release of PDF+, an Acrobat alternative for the legal community. PDF+ is a tool that offers legal specific solutions for working on your document and image exhibits. PDF+ offers the following features:

a. Batch File Renaming
b. Split up a multi-page PDF
c. Add exhibit stickers to one or batch process tons of exhibits
d. Add a barcode(s) to one or batch process tons of exhibits
e. Add bates numbering to pages
f. Search and redact sensitive information on exhibits
g. Assemble pdf’s
h. Only 29.99 per year, per sul


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What are Attorneys saying?

“Regarding feedback about PDF+, let me put it this way: Adobe Acobat Pro just became obsolete.  Everything that I did using Adobe Acrobat Pro can now be done using PDF+, and PDF+ is so much easier to use! “

Christopher T. Van Marter
Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Chief – White Collar Crime Unit
Department of the Prosecuting Attorney
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

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