Most Commonly Asked Questions

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up the projector properly? Why do I see the same thing that is on my Laptop?
A: Because you are in Windows "mirror" mode. This is the typical setting for PowerPoint and you do not want to use that with ExhibitView™ 5. You must extend your desktop. In Windows 7, you can use the Windows Logo key & "P" pressed at the same time to open a quick monitor selector. Choose "Extend". Also, ALWAYS have ExhibitView™ 5 closed when you choose monitor settings. After you are extended properly, you can launch ExhibitView™ 5. If you see the same desktop image without icons on the projector, you should be perfect!

Q: I had the projector working in court and after I unplugged the projector to share with co-counsel, ExhibitView™ 5 would not project properly when I hooked it back up. How do I fix this?
A: Whenever you unplug the projector or HDMI cable from your laptop, you must close ExhibitView™ 5. When you get the cable back, connect and be sure your extended desktop is properly working and then launch ExhibitView™ 5. You cannot just unplug and plug back in.

Q: When I use ExhibitView™ 5 in my office with 2 monitors, the second monitor is showing your display screen.. Can I make this screen minimize or lower?
A: Yes, simply hit CTRL+ F12 and the extended ExhibitView™ 5 screen will lower. Click the same to recall.

Q: When I put a multi-page PDF on a slide, I can see page 1. How do I choose another page to display?
A: Double click on the document and you will see a place to choose Page ___ of XX and type the page you wish to display.

Q: Can I add PDF ‘s to the Documents tab?
A: Yes, you can add both single page PDF or Multi-page. Multi-page PDF while in the presentation area, look to the lower right for the navigation bar to advance pages or jump to any page.

Q: What order can I show slides or documents or other exhibits in?
A: Any order you wish. That’s the beauty of ExhibitView™ 5. We give you a palette and you decide how to display. It is 100% flexible; just start presenting, your way.

Q: How do we get trained?
A: You can on our website and we offer some periodic free training days and we offer Pay Per Training webinars for your law firm.

ExhibitView™ 5 FAQ’s

Q: What file format is best for Documents?
A:For PDF documents you should scan them as Black & White only and no larger than 150dpi. Images should be scanned as .jpg and keep your frame size no larger than 1080 pixels either portrait or landscape size.

Q: I can locate the project folder. Can I add documents or images directly to this project folder?
A:No, do not go into your project folder for any reason.

Q: Can I use .MDB Synch files in the Synch player?
A:No, at this time ExhibitView™ 5 only supports .dvt files

Q: I click on a document and get a crash saying out of memory. Why?
A:Your document is probably too big. Rescan as black and white at 150dpi max.


TranscriptPro™ 2 FAQ’s

Q: What file format do I need for transcripts?
A:You can use PDF and/or .ascii (.txt) files in the summation format with page breaks.

Q: Can I add PDF transcripts?
A:Yes, TranscriptPro™ 2 now supports PDF transcripts.

Q: Can I add Synch Video Depositions?
A:Yes, in the .DVT or .MDB format.