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DOMINATE any proceeding with easy to use Trial Presentation Software that clearly exhibits the merits of your case!


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ExhibitView is the premier Trial Presentation software. Trial Attorneys are making impressive exhibit presentations in court live and virtually. Try it today, you will have free coaching and a 100% money back guarantee. Not sure? Just ask our clients!

ExhibitView™  Trial Presenter

ExhibitView™ Trial Presenter is our popular courtroom trial presentation software giving attorneys an easy to use software tool to quickly organize & present exhibits. Used by Attorneys, DAs, Paralegals and support personnel all over the world.


Now, enjoy the benifits of ExhibitView’s trial technology and Zoom for the purpose of holding an effective Deposition, Hearing, Mediation or Trial in a remote setting.   Watch this great WEBINAR as we share the secret on how to make a seamless, impressive presentation using ZOOM and ExhibitView.

“I’ve been using ExhibitView for remote depositions for over a year now.  It is a great product. I can display exhibits and manipulate them (highlights, call outs, etc) just as I would in Court, without paying someone $1,500 a day to do the tech.  I’ve used it for video and audio exhibits as well.  It is very user friendly so the learning curve is short. It is far, far superior to showing exhibits in a pdf reader.”

William J. Atkins

Edmond, Lindsay & Atkins, LLP