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Delve into ExhibitView’s treasure trove of 3rd Party Tools – a meticulously curated selection of software solutions designed to amplify your legal prowess. We understand that a well-rounded toolkit is essential for success in the legal arena, and that’s why we consistently recommend these complementary and ancillary products to our clients.

By selecting from the offerings on this page and making your purchase through our provided links, you not only gain access to these exceptional tools but also receive the invaluable advantage of free technical assistance in using these products. It’s our way of ensuring that you’re equipped with the resources needed to optimize your legal presentations, streamline your workflow, and enhance your performance in the courtroom. Explore these third-party gems and bolster your legal arsenal to navigate the complex world of law with confidence and efficiency.

Movavi software
All you need for multimedia processing: edit, capture, and convert video and audio in all media formats, record footage from PC screens, overlay new audio tracks, apply filters and special effects. Record and add voice overs to screencasts, capture video chats and online video. Create stunning slideshows. Capture TV, webcam, VHS, and AVCHD camcorder output. Burn Blu-ray, DVD, and CD. Play back video and audio.