Frequently Asked General Questions:


Q. Do any of your products work on Macintosh?

A. Not at this time. We do have an iPad app called iTrial™ you can find at the Apple app store


Q. Do all of your products work on Windows 10?

A. Yes, all of our current product lineup was made for Windows 10


Q. Can I use the Trial Version in court?

A. No. The trial version is not to be used on behalf of a client. It is designed to let you see the ease of use of our offering.


Q. I am using the trial version and when I try a callout, the area expanded is not correct, Why?

A. You have a scaling issue caused by High Definition screens. What you do is right click on the launch icon, choose properties, choose compatibility, click “change high DPI settings and put a check next to “Override High DPI scaling behavior” and the Dropdown should say application.


Q. When I open ExhibitView, the screen fonts are very small. How do I fix this?

A. Navigate to your computers Display settings and lower the resolution of your screen. This makes all items on screens larger. DO NOT use the Change the size of text, apps, and other items. This should be at 100% only.


Q. Do you offer any services to Synchronize our depositions for us?

A. Yes, we offer Video Deposition Synch services. Call or email us for details.


Q. What is the difference between TranscriptPro software and what looks exactly the same in the Transcripts tab in ExhibitView?

A. They are similar. However, the TranscriptPro software is a full, complete transcript manager with many features and the Transcripts tab in ExhibitView is primarily for playback of Synch Deposition videos.


Q. Are your product prices an annual fee?

A. Yes. We offer our software products to you for an annual fee.


Q. What are some of the biggest differences between ExhibitView software and others?

A. First and foremost ExhibitView is a non-database application. That’s a big one for sure. Database applications can handled 100’s of 1,000’s of documents but, moving your case from desktop to laptop can be tricky. Second, our user experience offers all controls on one screen. Our competitors products force you to use 2 monitors in front of you at court as well as in your office and then split the video signal. Too complicated. Third, if you can use PowerPoint you can use ExhibitView.


Q. Can I add Microsoft Word documents to ExhibitView?

A. Yes. We add and convert them into PDF documents automatically.


Q. Do you offer on-site trial support services?

A. Yes, call or email us for details.