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PDF+ is a legal industry specific product made for lawyers and staff. Built with the most often used features needed in a law firm.

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  • Batch Renaming
  • Exhibit Stickers
  • New image editor allows you crop, adjust color balance, rotate, and more on image files.
  • Bar Codes
  • Bates Numbering
  • Search & Redact (now with True Redaction)
  • Pre-Mark and Highlight
  • Insert & Rotate Page(s), Delete Page(s) and more!
  • Try it today.
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  • PDF+ has minimal learning curve
  • PDF+ will also work with image exhibits too!
  • Legal Specific Product. Save money on other PDF software subscription
  • Prep documents for deposition, trial, mediation in seconds

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Price is $99.99 annual subscription per SUL (Single User License)  Price includes 1 year of 24/7 support, and all updates and upgrades.

Reviews & Quotes

“Regarding feedback about PDF+, let me put it this way: Adobe Acrobat Pro just became obsolete. Everything I did using Adobe can now be done using PDF+, and PDF+ is so much easier to use!” -Christopher T. Van Marter, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney