Music In Litigation Workshops

Taught by Bill Roach, Partner ExhibitView Solutions, LLC & Musician and Songwriter

A singer/songwriter had an idea that writing songs and having to focus your thoughts to tell a great story, with few words, seemed synonymous with Attorneys developing case themes. This is how the music in litigation workshops were born.

“I coach the Cumberland School of Law AAJ mock trial team. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of what you accomplished for the team with the use of your music in litigation program. In one afternoon you helped the student attorneys representing the plaintiff and the student attorneys representing the defense each compose and perform a song that expressed the theme of their side of the case and its story in an entertaining and compelling way”.

“The process successfully forced the students to identify the essentials of their case, to organize those essentials in an unforgettable way, and to express them persuasively and with a level of comfort and confidence that usually takes weeks to accomplish. I don’t know the psychology behind it, but it works”.

– Music & Litigation, Professor Michael V. Rasmussen

ExhibitView founder Bill Roach has been in the legal field for almost twenty years as a software developer and IT expert. Mr. Roach is also an accomplished musician, singer and composer. One of Mr. Roach’s favorite accomplishments as a songwriter is his Christmas song “Hurry Up, Hurry Up, Santa Claus” sung by Beach Boy Al Jardine.

Mr. Roach explains his workshop this way; “Explaining the issues in a dispute is much like writing a song. We take a group of people, 10-14 people and split them up into 2 groups, plaintiff and defense. We then take all of the case facts and sort through the most critical elements of the case to come up with a case theme, or song title, and then the lyrics to the song that will tell the story, explain the issue and why one side or the other makes more sense.

We have a sample video from the class at Cumberland and at the end of individual sessions each side did a short song performance for faculty. The Outcome was overwhelmingly favorable by everyone. Professor Rasmussen closes his thoughts on Music & Litigation this way:

“I think you have a winner here. I believe that it can help young lawyers facing their first trials, as well as law students. I even think it will help old warhorses like me loosen up our own thinking and presentations. I look forward to working with you again.”

Each workshop lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Cost is $900.00/day, plus travel expenses

ExhibitView Software Program

ExhibitView Solutions, LLC (The Company) is excited to offer a fantastic, cost effective program to law schools on behalf of their students. IT and presentation skills are being ramped up in many law schools.

“A time is fast approaching where lawyers in all courtrooms will show up for trial and plug in, which is really happening now and ExhibitView provides that solution with ease” to paraphrase the words of Kelly Casey Monks, UGA Law Professor.

Students whose school participates in the program will have access to acquire any PC software the company offers at no charge to the student. Better, the student can keep the software beyond school. After Law School, If the student wishes to seek updates, upgrades and support, they can simply purchase a support plan. This offers great value, in the thousands of dollars of benefit to the students of participating schools every year.

The company offers the program for a $950.00/annual administration fee. Students are then encouraged to contact the company from a school email and request software products. The company will also offer introductory webinars to any professor/class giving the students a short, thorough introduction to the company, the software, and how the program works for them. We have a Word Document below you can download and review. For more information or to submit your application/agreement please contact William V. Roach, partner ExhibitView Solutions, LLC at WROACH@EXHIBITVIEW.NET or call 404-247-3596.