Mastering Trial Presentation: Your Guide to Success

Welcome to ExhibitView’s Tutorials page, your gateway to mastering trial presentation software. We understand the critical role effective case presentation plays in legal proceedings, and we’re here to provide guidance at every turn.

Whether you’re an experienced attorney looking to refine your skills or new to the courtroom, our comprehensive tutorials offer user-friendly guidance, in-depth insights, and expert tips to help you create captivating courtroom presentations. Dive into our tutorials, gain the expertise you need, and embark on your journey to becoming a courtroom presentation expert with ExhibitView by your side.


Getting Started with EXHIBITVIEW™

  • Watch this Quick Start Video to create new and open existing cases, add exhibits, present exhibits side by side or full screen, use the call-out tool, the highlight tool, as examples and more

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PDF+ Tutorials

Getting Started with PDF+™

  • Watch this Quick Start Video and learn how to open a folder of exhibits and apply exhibit stickers, apply bates numbers, bar codes, search and redact, assemble and edit as examples and more

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TranscriptPro™ Tutorials 

Getting Started with TranscriptPro™

  • Watch this Quick Start Video and see how to create a case, add ascii, PDF, or Synchronized Video Depositions, create bookmarks/issues, create summaries, and more

Creating Summaries/Digesting

  • This video will help you learn the best practices for creating summaries using bookmarks and bookmark issues

How to Synchronize

  • Learn how to Synchronize your own video depositions. You may even use High Definition Mp4 video files in TranscriptPro™
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