“Simplicity, Support and Service enhance the value of our multiple ExhibitView products. We assure that our clients have all the resources necessary to effectively represent their own clients @ trial.”

— William Roach, Partner & VP, ExhibitView LLC

The ABA, top law schools & prominent attorneys endorse technology over tautology

ROME, GA, USA, January 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With all due deference to Cinemtatic and TV icons, extemporaneous rhetoric, passionate oratory and O. Henry-esque strategies have now become obsolete. In real life, at this stage of the 21st Century. electronics are rapidly replacing eloquence in courtrooms across America.

The balance between the Art & Science in the practice of Trial Law has, by necessity, succumbed to computers.

Legal Professionals: Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Trial Lawyers and the Judiciary agree. Whether by judge or jury … whether the issue is civil or criminal – traffic ticket, tort or terrorism – on either side of the fence … today’s most successful lawyers are increasingly required to rely more on sophisticated software than subtle sophistry.

Trial Presentation Software” and all its ancillary support features have become the integral norm in tribunals at all levels, in all jurisdictions, throughout the country. Adversaries already have such tools. Ethics, efficiency and economy require that any present-day lawyers be fully equipped to represent their clients on a level playing field with their own state-of-the-art resources. Otherwise, lawyers and their clients will be bringing a knife to a gun fight … while futilely searching through boxes of hard copy files & notes that will inevitably annoy any judge or juror – increase expenses, waste time and undermine credibility.

There are presently well-over 100 courtroom Apps and computer programs being implemented by 10’s (100’s?) of 1,000’s members in the legal professional and government agencies. At the same time, a few of the most flexible and innovative providers continue to expand features and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the profession.

One of the most prominent and highly rated resources, ExhibitView www.exhibitview.net , offers a diversity of product options (to include courtroom consultants)and has become a pioneer in knowledge-based flexibility, innovation, client service and product support. The company is the fastest growing producer in the profession. According to industry surveys, EV’s product offerings are at once comprehensive, yet simple and user-friendly while specifically attuned to individual client needs. The superior on-site, phone or online service support 24/7/365 is unique. In three independent surveys among 40+ vendors ExhibitView ranked #1 in service response at various times, days, nights, weekends (when many attorneys and staff are finalizing trial prep).

Lawyers, who are either “too busy”, too lazy or “too techno-stoopid” to become computer geeks overnight, have 100% assistance available. In the courtroom or @ 3:00 A.M. on a Sunday morning, help is always available.

Managing Partner, Bill Roach, recently responded in a press interview, “We designed the software to be simple to use – essentially idiot-proof – while providing all the tools necessary when under the pressures of litigation. We continue to develop numerous options, based on our clients’ needs and the profession’s evolutionary demands. ExhibitView isn’t cheap, but it’s easy and cost-effective. Most importantly, WE LISTEN to feedback. We are focused on individual client service and the continuing advancements in our full suite of the most advanced software available.”

“Lawyers don’t guarantee results or provide ‘free trials’, but we at ExhibitView do. We’re just that confident.”

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