Are you an attorney navigating the complex world of trials, looking for a seamless way to present your case? Look no further than ExhibitView – the trial presentation software that has been earning rave reviews from legal professionals. In this sample presentation software product review, we’ll look at why ExhibitView stands out from the crowd and why it should be an essential tool in your toolbox.

Introducing ExhibitView: Revolutionizing Trial Presentations

ExhibitView isn’t just another trial presentation software; it’s a game-changer. This program is a must-have for attorneys who want to provide appealing and successful presentations in the courtroom. It has a plethora of key features designed to streamline your trial experience.

Core Features that Matter.

When making a purchase decision for trial presentation software, attorneys are highly motivated buyers. They seek a solution that is not only feature-rich but also intuitive and reliable. ExhibitView ticks all the right boxes in this regard. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those unfamiliar with writing product reviews can effortlessly incorporate it into their workflow.

One of the most crucial aspects of any trial presentation software is the ability to display evidence effectively. ExhibitView excels in this arena, allowing seamless integration of exhibits and documents into your presentations. 

Building Trust through Real-Life Customer Experiences

The numerous good evaluations ExhibitView has gotten from attorneys who have integrated it into their trial strategy attest to its efficacy. These real-life experiences serve as social proof of its efficacy. This trust-building element is crucial in the realm of trial presentations, where every detail matters.

“ExhibitView is easy to use and the customer support is unmatched!”

“ExhibitView is a very affordable and easy to use product that is great for cases large and small. Whenever I have had problems during trial, the support team has always been available to help me even in the late evening hours”

“A great program that has made my life easier with great support”

“After using it for several large federal matters, I have found ExhibitView to be the perfect blend of utility, price, and ease of use. Most recently, I was involved in a two-week Kastigar hearing that required much of our presentation to be “on the fly” with attorneys giving me lists of exhibits to display moments before they would cross examine a witness. ExhibitView was flawless!”

“Waaaay more user friendly than the competitor, and more affordable”

“Ease of presentation of documents during deposition. Particularly like the side-by-side feature, the ability to mark and draw on documents, and take “snapshots” to make a new exhibit”

“Easy to use and does everything you need in court”

“This is a quality product. It is rare to have a real person assisting in customer service these days. I appreciate all their efforts”


ExhibitView is more than just another trial presentation software in a competitive environment; it’s a strategic ally for attorneys looking to create a lasting impression on judges, jurors, and clients. ExhibitView should be a top option for any attorney looking to lift their trial presentations to new heights, thanks to its user-friendly design, real-life success stories, and inexpensive price.

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