The legal world has changed quickly, especially due to the pandemic. Among these changes, a new and innovative solution is becoming popular among lawyers: ExhibitView for Zoom/Online Depositions. This advanced tool is making a significant difference by making remote depositions easier and changing how legal professionals do depositions.

Breaking Barriers in Depositions

With the sudden shift to remote proceedings, legal professionals faced numerous challenges, from coordinating with opposing counsel to managing exhibits seamlessly. ExhibitView stepped in to bridge these gaps, revolutionizing remote deposition practices. By leveraging the power of Zoom and ExhibitView, law firms have found an invaluable ally in conducting depositions virtually

From Swearing-In to Exhibit Management: Streamlining the Process

One of the standout features of ExhibitView for Zoom/Online Depositions is its ability to streamline the entire deposition process. Thanks to the intuitive interface that ensures all legal procedures are followed, even in a virtual setting, swearing in a remote witness has become easier than ever. In addition, ExhibitView’s exhibit management capabilities have set a new standard. Attorneys can effortlessly present exhibits, from documents to images and videos, ensuring a seamless flow of information during the deposition.

Pioneering During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic started, ExhibitView has been leading the way in helping law firms adjust to the new way of doing things. It played a significant role in letting legal pros keep working well without losing quality and speed. Because of this, over 50% of lawyers want to keep using Zoom as a key tool, even when things go back to how they were before.

Unparalleled Support for Remote Proceedings

One of the standout advantages of integrating ExhibitView into Zoom depositions is the exceptional support provided by ExhibitView Solutions, LLC. Our skilled team ensures seamless presentation of exhibits during the deposition, allowing lawyers to concentrate on their main points instead of dealing with technical details. Because ExhibitView is simple and works well, more law firms are picking it as their main tool for showing things in Zoom depositions, setting it apart from competitors like Adobe.

As ExhibitView celebrates its 1000th deposition conducted through Zoom, it’s evident that its impact on the legal industry is profound. It’s not just about technology; it’s about enabling legal professionals to uphold the standards of their practice in a rapidly changing world. As remote depositions become a lasting aspect of legal proceedings, ExhibitView stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability, transforming how attorneys approach their work in the digital age.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Depositions?

If you’re ready to enhance your remote deposition experience, consider harnessing the power of ExhibitView for Zoom proceedings. Say goodbye to technical challenges and hello to a streamlined, efficient process that allows you to focus on what truly matters – building a compelling case. Embrace the future of legal proceedings with ExhibitView. Contact us today to learn more about how ExhibitView can transform your practice.