ExhibitView™ Trial Presenter

Streamline Your Courtroom Presentations with ExhibitView™ Trial Presenter


ExhibitView™ Trial Presenter is a popular courtroom trial presentation software giving attorneys an easy to use software tool to quickly organize & present exhibits. Used by Attorney’s, DA’s, Paralegals and support personnel all over the world.


  • Easily organize documents* in “Hot Docs” folders and/or witness folders
  • Exhibit library with thumbnail or list view
  • Single click to present anything
  • Smart keyboard shortcuts let you move through exhibits and use the markup tools quickly
  • Present full screen or side by side.
  • Load full Synchronized video depositions. Bookmark or impeach on the fly
  • Web Browser to save any web page
  • Money Back Guarantee!
  • *PDF+ available (2 user license) for creating exhibit stickers, barcodes, bates stamping, search & redact, highlight, insert pages, rotate and more
  • 7 day free trial available
  • ExhibitView™ Quick Start Video Demo

Price is $549.00 annual subscription per SUL (Single User License) 2 activations. Price includes 1 year of 24/7 support, and all updates and upgrades.

Online training (live) is available, call for costs and availability.

In Trial, One Solution, ExhibitView Trial!

*PDF+ software to batch rename exhibits, apply exhibit stickers, affix bates numbers, apply redaction, add bar codes and much more.