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Synchronize Video Depositions: ExhibitView Solutions, LLC now offers accurate synchronizing services at approximately 50% OFF the national average pricing. Customers can upload (Use Dropbox, OneDrive or request an upload link) transcript(s) and media files and we will properly synchronize your depositions and perform quality control checks before sending back to you.

  • The cost for this service is only $48.00/hour of testimony.
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Highly Experienced Professionals ready to assist your case:

Every one of our consultants, contractors and associates possesses over seven years of experience in their specialty.  Many of us were co-workers or colleagues from previous jobs who decided to apply these years of in-house and service industry experience to a single focus that eventually became U.S. Trial Teams.

A single Trial Consultant at our company averages 20,000 hours of trial experience and is highly groomed in the ebb and flow of trial practice and court procedure.  Whether we’re presenting the entire case electronically, creating visual data for use as an exhibit, our consultants have ample experience integrating with the trial team and solving the problems that invariably arise during litigation.

Our consultants are very familiar with successful trial tactics in the areas of Aviation, Med-Mal, Birth-Trauma, I.P./Trademark, Products Liability and Oil & Gas because of the volume of work we obtain from these practice groups.  However, we also assist our clients with criminal matters, U.C.C. matters, divorces, custody hearings, and the like. Whether it’s technical or creative or logistical, our clients trust us to get the job done especially when time is critical.

U.S.Trial Teams is occasionally asked to assist our clients pro-bono on their charity work.  Often this involves groups like Atlanta Legal Aid and typical hearing/trial work, but other times it takes the form of creating and printing flyers and mailers for a group associated with one of our clients or colleagues.  We are proud to offer our services to these causes any way we can. 

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