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Watch this great WEBINAR as we share the secret on how to make a seamless, impressive presentation using ZOOM and ExhibitView.

Let the other lawyer hold up his exhibits to the camera while you look like a boss!

ExhibitView is the premier Trial Presentation software. Trial Attorneys are making impressive exhibit presentations in court live and virtually. Try it today, you will have free coaching and a 100% money back guarantee. Not sure? Just ask our clients!


ExhibitView™Trial Presenter

Trial Presentation Software.
Load exhibits & present. 30 minutes to learn.

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Trial Presentation Software.
Load exhibits & present.
30 minutes to learn.


Like Adobe™ but focused for Attorneys. Exhibit prep with stickers, bates, redaction & much more.

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“ I purchased ExhibitView in March and used it in trial in federal court right after I bought it. Lots of exhibits (I think we had 72), most of which were displayed at some point during trial. ExhibitView was terrific. Very easy to use.”
Chip Cooper

Cooper & Elliott

Hi Bill,


In a deposition yesterday with the person most knowledgeable in an eminent domain case, I was just one of the several attorneys representing clients affected by the city's decision to widen a main thoroughfare. Along with 20 other exhibits that had previously been admitted in the prior deposition, there were approximately 7 new exhibits that were introduced in this round two. None of the other attorneys were using their share screen and, instead, were emailing the documents for review to the various attorneys and deponent. When it came my turn to ask some questions, I proudly shared my screen and launched ExhibitView to go over critical documents that directly affected my clients interests. Thank you again for your product.


My best,



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