When it comes to presenting evidence and arguments in court, technology has proven to be an invaluable friend. Modern trials necessitate an efficient and effective method of presenting complicated material to judges, juries, and opposing parties. ExhibitView and other trial presenting software solutions thrive in this situation. 

A Multifaceted Approach to Trial Presentations

ExhibitView is a robust software tool that empowers legal teams to create compelling and organized trial presentations. The software offers a wide array of features designed to simplify the process of presenting evidence and arguments. From video depositions to dynamic exhibits, ExhibitView caters to various aspects of trial presentations, making it an essential asset for any modern legal professional.

Enhancing Opening Statements with Visual Impact

The opening statement of a trial sets the tone for the entire proceeding. With ExhibitView, attorneys can create visually captivating opening statements that leave a lasting impression. The software allows you to seamlessly integrate multimedia elements such as images, videos, and documents, enabling you to present your case in a more engaging and persuasive manner.

Embrace the Power of Video Depositions

Video depositions have become an increasingly important tool in modern litigation. They allow witnesses’ testimonies to be captured authentically and presented compellingly in the courtroom. ExhibitView simplifies the process of incorporating video depositions into your trial presentation. You can easily organize, annotate, and sync video clips with transcripts, providing a clear and coherent narrative to the judge and jury.

Seamless Integration with iPad App

In an era where mobility and convenience are paramount, ExhibitView offers a dedicated iPad app. This app extends the software’s capabilities to the courtroom, enabling attorneys to present evidence directly from their iPads. Whether you’re in the midst of cross-examination or delivering a closing statement, the iPad app ensures that you have the tools you need at your fingertips.


In today’s fast-paced legal landscape, leveraging technology is no longer optional—it’s essential. ExhibitView stands out as a premier trial presentation software tool that empowers legal professionals to create compelling, organized, and visually impactful trial presentations. From integrating video depositions to enhancing opening statements, ExhibitView caters to various facets of trial presentations, making it a must-have asset for any attorney seeking to deliver a winning presentation.

Incorporating multimedia elements, managing evidence, and maintaining an organized presentation has never been easier. With ExhibitView, you can focus on what matters most: effectively conveying your arguments and evidence to achieve the best possible outcome for your clients.

As featured in Nicole Black’s article “Exhibit A: Top Trial Presentation Tools”

“…ExhibitView Solutions. This company offers a number of trial preparation tools as well as both premises-based and cloud options. ExhibitView Trial Presenter is a premises-based trial presentation software tool that is compatible with PCs only. There is a 14-day trial available for ExhibitView, and the cost is $549 for two installations.

For lawyers seeking the ease and intuitiveness of an iPad interface, the company also offers a trial presentation iPad app, iTrial, which costs $99.99 and can be used as a standalone trial presentation tool. It also integrates with ExhibitView via Dropbox, which means you can prepare for trial using ExhibitView and then present at trial using iTrial”

Read the full article here: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/journal/articles/2022/exhibit-a-top-trial-presentation-tools/

Elevate your trial presentations with ExhibitView—a versatile software tool designed to help you make your case with confidence and impact. Try ExhibitView today and experience the difference firsthand.